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Invicta FFC  2017 AMFC Review

 David Moore; Invicta FC AMFC Co-ordinator

This year was always going to be a big challenge for Invicta with the A team in Group 1 for the first time in nearly 20 years of the league’s 27 year history and the B team having finished at or near the bottom of Group 3 in recent years.

The Season started with the Spring Match on a difficult Bewl Water and even with Mark Searle winning top individual rod the A team only took 4th place but the B team was 2nd in Group 3. The A team recovered with two second spots in a row at Draycote and Rutland, Graham Bodsworth, David Moore, Dave Summers, Mark Haycock and Keith Gilchrist all finishing early. The B team was 4th at Farmoor and 2nd at Draycote where both Tony Day and Joan Russell caught limits.

At the half- way mark both teams were only 1 point behind the leaders of their respective Groups and the prospect of two big league wins were on the horizon. The 4th round was hosted by Invicta at Grafham so we were confident of consolidating the positions on our home water however it didn’t work out and both teams lost ground with Mark Haycock the only member to take his 8 fish.The 5th round was on separate days at Pitsford where Chris McLeod and Gary How took limits and the A team made 3rd place.  Unfortunately the B team had a bad day and in spite of Mark Matthieson winning top individual in the match we finished last.

So back to Grafham for the final Autumn match with both teams still in with a chance of runners-up spots we fielded two strong teams of 4 rods each and most had practiced once or twice in the preceding days. The A team had a good day with Chris Mcleod, Kieran Bonus and Mick Facey all bagging up but were pipped into 3rd place on the day and in the final table by the very consistent Fish Hawks.  The B team had a good day and although we were the only team without a limit still won the match to finish runners-up in the table, equalling the best performance on record.

The club’s success is due to the increased interest in the league and more members taking part, 25 this year, enabling us to field full teams for every match. We have had some new members who are very good fly-fishers and several less experienced members who are improving rapidly and played a significant role in the B team. Captains have organised practice days and ensured information is passed around the team. Ten of the eleven members fishing for the A team caught at least one limit and three of the B team achieved this target.

Thanks are due to our hard working treasurer Alan Prevost who collects all your entry fees and pays the AMFC. Two of our members John Caldwell and Jeff Hickson work behind the scenes to run the AMFC league and a special thanks to Jeff who on top of his consistent contribution to the B team results and being a model captain has provided me with some interesting statistics; Total catch 1,518 trout caught of which 679 were released; Total weight 1.54 tons with an average weight of 2lbs-4oz. In Group 1, 939 trout were caught at an average of 4.9 and Invicta A averaged 5.0. In Group 3, 736 were caught at an average of 3.8 per rod and our B team averaged 3.5 .

The more successful Invicta rods spent a total of 42 hours sitting on their hands and watching their boat partners trying to catch up. With growing interest in these friendly competitions and increasing talent we are well placed for doing even better next year, for those who want to know more, we have an excellent Invicta leaflet explaining the league and some tips for those considering taking part.

October 2017


Representing Invicta in AMFC Matches

2017 Team coordinator David Moore 


hardy-soul-david-moore-fished-into-a-strong-wind-most-of-the-dayInvicta has been a keen supporter of the AMFC league since it was formed 29 years ago and this friendly competition is a great way to improve our skills through fishing a variety of waters with some top class anglers.

Invicta will have two teams again, the A team will be in Group 1, promoted after many years, while the B team fishes in Group 3. All three groups fish as teams of 4 in the first and last matches of the season but the other matches were separate Group events for teams of 6.

Rules for 2017 will be decided at the end of January and Invicta are proposing a change from 8 fish kill to 5 fish kill and 3 released with a time bonus. If accepted then Anglian Water bronze season permits will be valid for the matches on Rutland Grafham and Pitsford.

There is usually one away trip to Chew and /or Bewl which are always good fun with most of us enjoying a practice day and an overnight stay. We share transport and B&B to keep the cost down so it’s a great chance to fish these famous venues in good company and at a modest price.

The current rules restrict each angler to a maximum of 4 of the 6 matches and you can only fish one of the first or last matches so we really need a pool of anglers for each team. Last year 24 members took part.

The 2017 venues will be selected from Bewl, Chew, Draycote, Grafham, Pitsford, Hanningfield, Eyebrook and Rutland Water.

I started fishing for our B team seven years ago when I was a relative novice and it has improved my fishing more than anything else I can think of. Everyone has been a pleasure to fish with, working together and combining fun with a competitive edge. Last year I was a regular A team member and thrilled when we topped Group 2 and won promotion. The dates and venues will be posted early in February and I will circulate members with entry forms in time to have everything sorted by mid-March.

In the meantime please drop me an email if you want to support Invicta this season, even if it’s only for 1 or 2 events, having a full team is vital and catching a single fish can be crucial to the teams success.


You can find out more here:

To email me: Click here

All the best



Thank you for offering to represent Invicta in this year’s AMFC League.


Click to view teams: Invicta AMFC Teams 2017 V7

See the attached file which is the programme for our two teams taking into account your availability and the AMFC rules. Many thanks to those who have already changed their personal arrangements help me make up full teams. Your fixtures are marked with an X and I have nominated a captain (C) for each match and in some cases a reserve (R)

We have two full teams apart from the first match at Bewl where we are still a rod short for the B team, if you can help find a volunteer please let me know.

The captains should make contact with the team, share info & transport where needed and coordinate any practice where possible. They will also need to check who is staying for post-match meals and collect payment for these on the match day. Also try to find a replacement if anyone drops out.

If you have any queries with this or your allocated dates please get back to me asap so that any changes can be made and a schedule of fishing charges can be circulated.

The rules have been changed to 4 kill and 4 release this year so those with bronze season permits will not need day tickets at the fixtures on AW venues.

All the best for a successful and enjoyable season’s sport


0787 4372810


2017 Match dates and Venues:

More details will follow nearer the time for each fixture when I will also nominate  a captain  for each day to coordinate practice and transport and post-match meal for the team.  This should be straightforward but please let me know if this is a problem for you.

Group 1  fixtures

April 29th (Saturday) Spring Match – Bewl

May 10th (Wednesday) – Draycote

June 10th (Saturday) – Rutland

July 12th (Wednesday) – Grafham

Sept 16th (Saturday) – Pitsford (TBC)

October 7th (Saturday) Autumn match – Grafham


Group 3 fixtures

April 29th (Saturday) Spring Match – Bewl

May 20th (Saturday) – Farmoor

June 10th (Saturday) – Draycote

July 12th ( Wednesday) – Grafham

Sept 6th ( Wednesday) – Pitsford (TBC)

October 7th (Saturday) Autumn match – Grafham


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