Carr Cup

Carr Cup

Clubmate is now available to book all the events below Link to Clubmate

Fishing with Invicta – Guide to Competition fishing -an introduction to fishing for Invicta. Carr Cup matches are relaxed events fished to Reservoir Rules but the guide also includes information on  International Rules.

The Carr Cup is named in honour of Richard Carr, an early Invicta FFC member who died tragically young. Carr Cup outings are organised on a monthly basis between April and October and are primarily social fishing events with a different fishery being visited each month. Newcomers to fly fishing as well as the more experienced angler are encouraged to come along.

Points are awarded as follows:

10 points for each of these social matches that you attend, plus 5 points for each fish caught up to the specific fishery limits. Your best 6 scores from the 7 matches to count.


Fishing Trips 2024

Invicta will be introducing an online system for booking and paying for these events. The system is called Clubmate and can be accessed from a PC, Laptop, Tablet or SmartPhone. (GWFFA have successfully been using this system). There will be provision for booking for those that do not have a means to access Clubmate.

Accessing Clubmate

Go to the login page, enter your email address, create a password and once you are in your account, check and update your details and add any card payments you wish to add.

How to make bookings:

Login to the Clubmate.Fish website or open the app on your mobile.

Click the ‘Make A Booking’ tile.

Scroll down the diary to find your event and click ‘Book’.

Click ‘Add to Cart’.

Click ‘Continue to Cart’ and pay or click ‘Cary on Booking’ to add further events.

When you are ready to pay, click the basket in the top right-hand corner.

Scroll down to the bottom and check you have added the events you want to pay for.

Click ‘Continue’.

Scroll down to the bottom and again and click ‘Submit Payment’.

How the System works:

The Invicta Clubmate system is designed to be simple to book and pay for events.

When you book an event, you will only pay for half a boat.

All non-season ticket holders at any event will need to pay for their ticket before or on the day of the event.

As soon as you pay, you are on the list for the event.

See the calendar for how many spaces are left in the event in the bottom right-hand corner of the event.

When all spaces are gone, this number will be zero and no further bookings can take place.

When you pay, you will get an email confirmation of the booking and a receipt.

To check if you are in the event, refer to your email confirmation or look at the event in the diary and if the item says ‘cancel’ you know you are in the event.

If you would like to cancel and event, go the event in the diary and click ‘cancel’. This cancels you from the event and adds a credit to your account, which you can use for another event or have it refunded. Refunds take about 1 week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I have to ‘add to basket’ twice when I book an activity?

Clubmates system generates an activity (the fishing event) and a product (the fee) and requires you to add both to the basket.

Clubmate are looking into this with an expectation of streamlining this in the future, so we only add one thing to basket.

When I book and event, why can’t I see it in My Bookings?

My Bookings’, is for upcoming bookings only which have 21-day window at present on Clubmate, so you will only see events in the next 21 days.

To see all booked events, look on the activity calendar and for each activity, if it says ‘book’ then you haven’t booked yet and if it says ‘cancel’ you have booked.

You will also receive an email confirmation and receipt when you book an event.

What does Clubmate cost the Invicta FFC?

£1.80 per member per year subject to a minimum of 100 anglers. Angling Trust members receive a 20% discount making it £1.44 per member per year.

Additional to these costs are card transaction fees of 2.5% + 20p. Stripe take 1.5% + 20p and clubmate take 1% of each card transaction. (This can be as low as 2.2% + 20p using Stripe Link).

These fees are paid for and absorbed by the club and not passed on to the members. You will note there is no increase in the membership fee. The committee feels this is good value for money taking into the account the amount of administration work the system saves the committee in running the club effectively.

Why can’t I change my profile picture on my profile page?

This is a Clubmate security restriction that we can’t change, however, your admin team can change the picture on your behalf.

How secure is my data with Clubmate?

Your initial member profile set up id very basic including only your name, email address and mobile number. Once you have downloaded the App on your phone and / or logged in on your PC for the first time, you have the choice to add as much or little information to your profile as you wish, including how you can be contacted via the club.

All club & member information is stored and maintained with security provided by Microsoft Azure across its data centres, infrastructure, and operations.

No sensitive financial information is stored by Clubmate. That data is always held securely by the highly regulated payment partner Stripe and GoCardless.


2024 Dates




Carr Cup Round 1 (Graham Williams Trophy)
Carr Cup Round 2
Carr Cup Round 3
Carr Cup Round 4 (Presidents Cup)
Carr Cup Round 5 (Carl Hunter Bowl)
Carr Cup Round 6
Carr Cup Round 7

2024 Points table.

Carr Cup Points #1 2024

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