John Krailing Trophy

The John Krailing (Fly Tying) Trophy

A big thank you to all who submitted entries for the John Krailing Trophy.  It was well supported and the standard was excellent.

We look forward to continuing the competition next year for our two superb trophies which can be found in the Invicta display cabinet at Graham Harbour View cafe.

Many congratulations to the 2023 winners: Richard Purcell and Sonja Odell

Closing date 14 February for all Postal Entries
Entrants must contact Colin Newton to get an Entry Number prior to submssion 

This annual fly tying competition is held in memory of John Krailing who was a valued member of Invicta and an avid, skilled fly tier.  The competition has 3 flies for the novices and 3 flies for the more experienced to tie.


  1. All club members are eligible to take part with the exception of those who have tied flies professionally for commercial gain.
  1. There will be 2 trophies – one for experienced fly dressers and one for those with less than 3 years’ experience.
  1. Entrants must state whether they have been fly tying for less or more than 3 years.
  1. Entrants submit to the Organiser (Colin Newton) – 3 identical flies of the 3 different patterns selected depending on level of experience.
  1. The Organiser will ensure the submitted flies are judged anonymously by an independent expert.
  1. The flies submitted will be judged on merit. As well as consistency, size, proportions, adherence to traditional pattern, robustness and fishability, the judge will consider the experience of the entrant.

Entries must be submitted by 14 February 2024.  Entries will be accepted at the Winter meetings or can be posted to Colin Newton. The winner will be announced at the annual dinner.

Good luck to all entrants- Enjoy!

Fly Patterns for 2023

Novices – less than 3 years’ experience 

Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear

Grafham Killer Shrimp

Pheasant Tail Nymph

JK Trophy Novice Fly Patterns 2023 copy

Experienced – over 3 years’ experience


Muskin – Black Midge Pupa

Yellow Owl Grunter

JK Trophy Experienced Fly Patterns 2023 copy

Flies may be tied on barbed or barbless hooks – your choice

The sheet for each category with photos of the 3 flies giving details of materials needed and links to YouTube videos is available for guidance.