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Recent updates to the website:

Significant changes to this website within the past few weeks will be posted below. The date of the most recent update is always visible on the Home Page although occasionally you may not notice any difference because the update was to correct minor typos or other administrative matters.


15.12.19 – Just for a bit of  fun! Seasonal competition. (Noticeboard page)

15.12.19 – Invicta Club History updated to include 2019 (Club History page)

10.12.19 – Details of our fly tying workshops at Grafham Lodge 2020  (Fly Tying page)

10.12.19 –  Diary of Events updated (Diary of Events page)

7.12.19 – Details of the 2020 Annual Pilgrimage event  (Other Competitions and Social Fishing page)

7.12.19 – AGM date and information (Noticeboard page)

7.12.19 – Diary of Events updated (Diary of Events page)

2.12.19 – Fishing for Invicta in AMFC matches 2020, update from Teams’ manager David Moore (AMFC page)

27.11.19 – Winter Meeting report – Nov 14th Jeff Wilkinson (Winter Meeting Reports page)

23.11.19 – We  welcome further new members (Noticeboard page)

20.11.19 – Noticeboard page updated (Noticeboard page)

12.11.19 – Fur and Feather (Arthur Sexton Trophy) report (Reports page)

11.11.19 – Trophy Winners page updated (Trophy Winners page)

7.11.19 – Mac McDonald reports on the recent Invicta Grayling fishing trip to the Test. (Members Contributions page)

6.11.19 – David Jones reminding us of an Invicta winter meeting with a man who went on to be a huge name in American game fishing. (Members Contributions page)


29.10.19 – Invicta Annual Social and Buffet details. (Noticeboard page)