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Recent updates to the website:

Significant changes to this website within the past few weeks will be posted below. The date of the most recent update is always visible on the Home Page although occasionally you may not notice any difference because the update was to correct minor typos or other administrative matters.


13.7.20 – Amended Carr Cup league table added (Latest Reports page)

12.7.20 – Carr Cup league table added (Latest Reports page)

7.7.20 – Grafham Carr Cup (President’s Cup) result and report (Latest Reports page)

29.6.20 – Massive Koi Carp caught at Grafham (Gallery page)

25.6.20 – Member’s update Number 7 (Carr Cup Outings reinstated) – important information about booking in   (Noticeboard page)

20.6.20 – Some real quality fish have been caught by some of our members since the fisheries reopened. (Gallery page)

12.6.20 – Member’s update Number 6 (Carr Cup Outings update and opportunity for members to book boats) (Noticeboard page)

12.6.20 – AMFC Latest News (Match Cancellations) (AMFC page)