Diary of Events

diary imageInvicta 2017/18 season at a glance:




For further details of these events see the relevant page on this website.



5th (Thursday) Invicta  Members Social Evening at the Arundel House Hotel.

29th (Sunday) AMFC Annual General Meeting – Iver, Buckinghamshire.


11th/12th (Sat/Sun) British Fly Tying Fair -Stafford County Showground.

16th (Thursday) Invicta  Annual General Meeting.

25th (Saturday) Invicta Annual Dinner at St Neots Golf Club.


19th  (Sunday) Bank Fishing Day (Elinor Trout Fishery) – The Norman Shippey Memorial.

28th (Tuesday) Casting Clinic – 9:30am Grafham


4th (Tuesday)  Carr Cup – Pitsford.

7th (Friday) Casting Clinic – 9:30am Grafham

18th  (Tuesday) Casting Clinic – 9:30am Grafham

22nd (Saturday) Invicta  Snowbee Floating Line Competition – Grafham.

28th (Friday) England Eliminator – Grafham.

29th (Saturday) AMFC Spring Match – Bewl.

29th (Saturday) Scierra Pairs heat – Eyebrook.


6th (Saturday)  Carr Cup – Rutland.

10th (Wednesday) AMFC Group 1 – Draycote

16th (Tuesday) Evening Social Fishing and league starts – Grafham. (Every Tuesday for 14 weeks)

20th (Saturday) AMFC Group 3 -Farmoor

25th & 26th (Thurs Fri) Pilgrimage  – Grafham


3rd (Saturday)  Carr Cup – Eyebrook.

4th (Sunday) Scierra Pairs heat – Elinor.

10th (Saturday) Scierra Pairs heat – Rutland

10th (Saturday) AMFC Group 1- Rutland

10th (Saturday) AMFC Group 3 n- Draycote



8th (Saturday) Scierra Pairs heat – Grafham

9th (Sunday)  Carr Cup (Incorporating President’s Cup) – Grafham

12th (Wednesday) AMFC Groups 1 and 3 – Grafham


12th (Saturday)  Carr Cup (Incorporating Carl Hunter Bowl – Draycote

15th (Tuesday) Last day of the Tuesday evening Social fishing.

29th (Tuesday) EMTFA 50th Anniversary Pairs match – Grafham.


6th (Wednesday) AMFC Group 3 – Pitsford

10th (Sunday)  Carr Cup – Ravensthorpe

16th (Saturday) AMFC Group 1 – Pitsford


3rd (Tuesday)  Carr Cup – Grafham

7th (Saturday) AMFC Autumn match – Grafham


4th (Saturday)  Fur and Feather – Elinor, (Arthur Sexton Trophy)

12th (Sunday) Grafham Winter Bank League (Shrimp-bashers) Match 1 – (best 3 scores from 5 matches). These ‘Winter Bank League’ matches are not run by Invicta but are included in this diary as a lot of our members are likely to fish.

25th (Saturday) Locals vs Army and RAF bank match – Grafham.


10th  (Sunday) Grafham Winter Bank League (Shrimp-bashers) Match 2

17th (Sunday) Grafham Winter Bank League (Shrimp-bashers) Match 3




4th (Thursday) Social evening and buffet, Arundel House Hotel.

14th (Sunday) Grafham Winter Bank League (Shrimp-bashers) Match 4

28th (Sunday) Grafham Winter Bank League (Shrimp-bashers) Match 5


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