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Fly Tying Sessions 2018 – Grafham Water Fishing Lodge

Saturday 27th January and Saturday 17th February – 09.30 to 12.00 hrs

Invicta will once again be organising two Fly Tying Workshops for those who wish to learn or improve their tying. Peter Hartley has kindly agreed to attend both sessions and Peter Waterhouse will be there to tie some flies and show his Scottie range of fly tying gear. Jeff Hickson, and other notable Invicta fly tyers will also be there.

In addition, Allan Sefton has offered to attend both sessions and help anyone who thinks they might need to brush up their casting technique, and maybe some who don’t. Bring along you own gear.

Please let me know if you would like to attend.

Are you a beginner, or have you any particular technique or fly pattern you would like to learn how to tie? Maybe you are a brilliant fly tyer and would like to pass on your skills to others! I will pass on your requests to those demonstrating. If you are interested please give me a call and let me know what you would like to do. Hopefully we can arrange things so that everyone attending gets the most out of the sessions.

Please give me a call to book in or for any further information. Paul Stevens.

Phone 01480 403529

Mobile 07831 235069


A few photographs from the first session:




2016 Fly Tying Sessions Report

Our first fly-tying morning at Grafham on the 19th November proved to be a popular venture (See details below). Attendees ranged from those who wanted a few tips on improving their tying, to complete beginners. On hand to pass on their skills were Peter Hartley, Jeff Hickson Mark Searle, Gary How and Paul Heavens. Nymphs, dry flies, buzzers and blobs were demonstrated and even first timers managed to produce something to take home capable of catching fish.

Session two on  the 10th December proved to be just as popular with the demonstrators concentrating on flies that catch at Grafham – Boobies, Diawl bachs, shrimps, dries and in the dying moments of the session even a Rutland Rat appeared! In addition to the first session demonstrators, this time we also had the benefit of having Peter Waterhouse on hand to demonstrate techniques and he also had some of his fly tying accessories available for sale.

It was not just about beginners though; the experience lads were soon picking up tips from each other so everyone was a winner.

Thanks go to Paul Stevens for arranging the days, Angela Tarry of Anglian Water for allowing us to use their facilities and Alan Prevost for recording the days on camera.

These sessions have been a popular venture for Invicta and will hopefully be repeated in future seasons.

Paul Stevens email: or 01480 403529


Gary How showing Tony Day his method.

Gary How showing Tony Day his method.

Peter Hartley gives Paul Stevens and and 'Mac' McDonald a few tips.

Peter Hartley gives Paul Stevens and and ‘Mac’ McDonald a few tips.

Paul Heavens with two first timers, Jeff Price and Neil Potts

Paul Heavens with two first timers, Jeff Price and Neil Potts

Session 2

Session 2 – 10th December

Malcolm Reece watches hackle selection

Malcolm Reece watches hackle selection


Paul and Mark watching with amusement as Peter Waterhouse attempts a Rutland Rat with the guidance of John Sears (out of shot).

Neil Potts getting to grips with his new skills.

Neil Potts getting to grips with his new skills.


Fly Tying is a fascinating extension to  the sport of fly fishing and a certain satisfaction is gained from hooking a fish on a fly or lure that you have tied yourself.  For those wishing to start from basics, a very good and easy to follow guide is the ‘Fly Tying Bible‘ by Peter Gathercole. Each stage of tying is illustrated with clear photographs.







Flies and Fly Boxes

Members are invited to submit photographs of their fly boxes or individual flies that they have tied and had success with. When submitting individual flies and lures, please include list of tying materials.



Salmon FlySalmon Fly prepared from feathers many of which are very difficult to find. This example was shown to us by Steve Cooper of ‘Cookshill Fly Tying’. It is a thing of beauty, but too precious to ever see water let alone the inside of a salmon’s mouth!

Unless of course you are wealthy enough to fish with flies which cost over £50 each.








One of Kieran Bonas’s competition fly boxes.


Kieran Bonas' competition box






Flies tied by Mick Huffer at an Invicta meeting.

Click to view Mick Huffer flies




Grayling nymphs by John Emerson at  October 2014 Invicta meeting.

Grayling nymphs





















Sedge patterns tied by Chris Reeves at October 2014 Invicta meeting.

Note the florist’s flower wrapping membrane wing on second from left.






















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